We won a Worth Project grant!

We won a Worth Project grant!

Clotho won a grant! Back in 2019 we applied to the 3rd season of WORTH Partnership Project, and proposing an amazing collaboration with Dialectic Design we successfully became part of the winning teams.

But what is Worth? WORTH is the sole European project where designers, SMEs, manufacturers, and tech providers work together to develop sustainable and design-oriented ideas.

The projects applying could be focused on many industries including textile and clothing, therefore we thought it was the perfect way to explore our visions.

Events and activities are coming up in 2021!

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Clotho, the spinner

Clotho, the Spinner

Fate in ancient Greek mythology was personified not as one, but threefold.

It was described as three women, the Moirae, intrusted with the management of the thread of life. Clotho draws the thread between her fingers; Lachesis turns the wheel; and Atropos cuts the thread.

Clotho gives life and brings us into the world, Lachesis determines our fortunes and Atropos concludes our lives.